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We are committed to a better world. Our products are sustainable, vegan, Co2 reduced and fair.

Our 7 guidelines


Sustainability is the basic idea of ​​our actions.
We strive to do our best in as many areas as possible
act. This means that we source all of our fabrics and ingredients from Germany
or near Europe, while focusing on recycled and eco-friendly
value materials.


Our swim and sportswear consists of
ECONYL®, a polyamide fiber made from orphaned fishing nets, old
Carpet fibers and other nylon waste is regenerated. Every year 8 million tons of waste end up in the
sea, of which 640,000 tons are fishing nets. Many organizations have it
made it their goal to salvage them. In a complex cleaning and
The regeneration process returns the nylon to its original purity
set back and is therefore equivalent to new nylon. This allows us new
Designing products without consuming new resources.

Our upcycling series is made from fabrics from
Made overhangs of other productions.

CO2 reduced

Compared to conventional nylon, the
Using ECONYL® reduces the greenhouse effect by 80%.

Both characterized by the procurement of materials
Germany and nearby European countries, as well as through the direct
Production in Hamburg, we reduce our transport routes to a minimum.


We commit ourselves, not just ours
To comply with a social standard towards female employees, but also
to our customers through transparency of production and
fair pricing.


100% vegan as no animal materials or raw materials are used.

Made in germany

Our products are all made in Hamburg in-house
Atelier designed and produced. This gives us the opportunity to
to ensure that our production is fair, sustainable and of high quality.

packaging and shipping

Our shipping material is made of recyclable paper and is absolutely plastic-free. Our shipping partner is DHL GO GREEN.


we believe in the inner strength that every woman carries within her. A feeling that we want to strengthen and build up. Let's be strong and brave together. We invite you to share your very personal bodyguard moment that made you feel empowered, safe or courageous using the hashtag #beyourownbodyguard.

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